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What do you do?

I design/develop web sites. I’ve also developed for the Microsoft stack for over 25 years. In my spare time I fly hobby rockets.  I am NOT the Canadian radio talk show host, though I did once work in radio and had a talk show, but that was 1980.

Where are you?

Well, to get my mailing address, you need to get to know me.  But I’m in Johns Creek, Georgia, which is a northern suburb of Atlanta. You can also consider me in Alpharetta, which is what Johns Creek was cut out of a few years ago.


How do I call you?

You can call me at 404 990 3466.  You’ll probably get voice mail. Leave a message with a reason for the call, and rest assured that I’ll get back in touch with you.


How do I email you?

Use one of the contact links (above, or below) to send me email.

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